Associations lean on their association management system (AMS) to help gather, sort, and store important member information.

It can also exponentially increase efficiency by automating the dues collection process and streamlining accounting functions. This critical piece of association management can be daunting to implement or migrate. Running an association isn’t easy; don’t let your AMS make it harder.

AH’s Technology Solutions team guides client partners through the building, implementation, and migration of an AMS with a dedicated process that ensures clients fully understand how to best implement and use their AMS to help them run their association.

At the core of this undertaking is an evaluation of your mission, vision, and strategic goals prior to making an investment in any AMS technology. AH Technology Solutions takes the time to understand what your association needs from an AMS and guides you to the optimal solution. Perhaps you want an AMS that integrates with existing marketing software, or you have a vibrant online community that you don’t want to disrupt. Our complete understanding of a wide range of AMS technologies allows us to help you select and implement the ideal solution for your organization.

We also ensure that association leadership and staff understand how to make the most of the investment, with training and support as needed throughout the full implementation phase.