sponsorship, exhibits, and ad sales

Increasingly discerning sponsors and exhibitors seek partnerships that allow them to connect in innovative ways with associations’ specialized audiences. While there’s always room for the tried-and-true proven strategies that yield results for sponsors and associations alike, AH’s Industry Relations team strives to provide highly customized, niche opportunities that set our client partners apart and make them a sought-after ally for sponsors, exhibitors, and advertisers.

corporate memberships

Corporate memberships represent a unique opportunity for associations to meet their financial goals through innovative membership models. And yet association staff may be hard-pressed to focus their membership recruitment efforts on cultivating the relationships that lead to lucrative corporate members. AH’s Industry Relations team leverages a winning personalized approach to generate corporate memberships, frees up association staff to focus on operational excellence, and edges your association closer to success.

AH’s Industry Relations team provides the market assessment to ensure your corporate membership program is competitive, guides the development of corporate membership programs that are both attractive and beneficial for both member and association, and builds custom prospect databases to maximize the reach of corporate membership programs. Our experience in a wide range of industries and our focus on working with membership organizations allows our client partners to benefit from our unparalleled expertise in corporate membership sales. 

market analysis

The association landscape is ever-changing as markets and industries evolve to uncover new opportunities and threats. Associations may struggle to keep up, losing sight of their role and position in their market. Partnering with AH’s Industry Relations team to undertake a market analysis can provide your association with a broader vision, a deeper understanding of its position in the industry, and the context for your unique value proposition.

During a market analysis, AH’s Industry Relations team evaluates market size, growth rate, profitability, industry cost structure, distribution channels, market trends, and the key factors that determine success in the current market landscape. The analysis may leverage sponsor and member surveys along with industry data to get a clear understanding of where your association fits. We also assess growth drivers, incorporating association foresight tools to inform your next best move. Knowledge is truly power, and a market analysis by AH’s Industry Relations team ensures that you have the information necessary to make informed decisions to help your association achieve its goals.