outsourced accounting

From financial management to tax requirements, payroll, reporting and payment processing, AH provides a full range of outsourced accounting services. Our accounting professionals can round out your association's accounting department and can help you understand the numbers most critical to your association's success. Related case studies

financial consulting

AH’s financial consultants provide CFO-level financial guidance when and how your association needs it at any level. From expert advice in making important financial decisions to outlining the best ways to help economize and formulate more accurate projections, AH’s financial consultants help leaders make decisions that help their associations thrive. Related case studies 

data analysis/reporting

AH's financial service professionals (which include several Certified Public Accountants) can handle all the heavy lifting when it comes to your association's most important financial information. Our team's in-depth financial reports deliver clarity and insight into the financial health of your organization, while our financial data analysis can help you understand the numbers that drive your association. Related case studies 

audit preparation & support

Preparing for and undergoing an audit can help association leaders identify areas for improvement across the organization. AH’s financial services professionals provide support before, during, and after an audit. Whether it's gathering and organizing financial documents or preparing supporting documentation, we’re with you every step of the way, making your audit a smooth process that allows you to focus on strategic decisions in support of delivering on your organization's mission. Related case studies