14 July 2021
There’s a new buzzword in association business: data. From events to marketing and member communications, data plays a vital role in understanding and more meaningfully connecting with audiences.
13 July 2021
It’s evident that the pandemic has placed foresight for associations in the spotlight — but the need to prepare for the future no longer applies only to top-down, national leadership. The role of chapters has been shifting and associations are beginning to drive change in their membership engagement strategies, one example coming from the Wound, Ostomy, and Continence Nurses Society™ (WOCN).
13 July 2021
The Smartsheet Product Certification Program provides a confirmation of skill proficiency with the Smartsheet platform and reviews critical concepts that show expertise in the platform. By certifying members of staff, AH ensures quality service and project management will be delivered from all teams to our Client Partners.
14 June 2021
Association leaders often find themselves balancing difficult decisions. Add to that unforeseen or changing circumstance—such as emerging technologies, an evolving workforce, or even a global pandemic—and critical decisions can become more reactive than proactive.
14 June 2021
AH has formed a DEI Advisory Council consisting of AH staff from a diverse range of backgrounds and positions within the company. The Council will create AH’s internal and external DEI voice that will not only bring AH staff together in support of these initiatives but also advance AH’s core value of Unified Diversity for the company and industry at large.
14 June 2021
An update on AH's Strategic Partnerships Prediction, including highlights from Mike Dwyer, CAE, and Gene Terry, CAE, IOM. More and more organizations are seeking to expand resources and offerings in different forms, and are doing so by recruiting the assistance of an association management company (AMC).
01 June 2021
The newest edition of AH’s planning guide, Virtual Events 2.0 takes a critical look at the lessons learned and enduring elements that have changed association events forever across three emerging themes: data, strategy, and experience. Virtual Events 2.0 explores the next wave of association events, touching on the safe return to in-person and the increasingly important role of hybrid.
28 May 2021
In celebration of Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month, AH pays tribute to the contributions generations of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders have made to American history, society, and culture. AH is committed to learning more about Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month and pleased to have AH staff share their experience and heritage with us.
18 May 2021
As social media permeates society and technology continues to evolve, more than just the content you produce influences members and prospects—the format actually shapes the message and can determine how well it is received.
17 May 2021
As the world continues to open after COVID-19 closures, the adjustment to a new normal in the meetings and events sphere develops and new tools are created to ensure safety and best practices in the return to in-person events.
12 May 2021
The association landscape as we know it has changed in many ways. Meetings and annual conferences have been postponed, pivoted to virtual, or have been eliminated entirely.
13 April 2021
At the start of the year, AH released a series of predictions of what lies ahead for associations and non-profits in 2021. We're revisiting those predictions each month to see what's changed as associations and non-profits continue to adapt.