May 24, 2024

Spring cleaning isn’t just for homes anymore. Associations and nonprofits should take advantage of this refreshing time of year to assess and improve their organizations. Spring cleaning your organization can show you what processes need improvement, help you streamline everyday operations, and give your association a breath of fresh air. To get you started, AH leadership has come up with its top three tips for refreshing your association.

Step #1: Evaluate current processes
Eliminate the phrase "because we've always done it this way" from all discussions. The tried and true is not always wrong, but it should be evaluated on factors other than longevity alone. Recognize that everything has a life cycle and plan for the fact that programs will both peak and decline over time. Replacement programs must be considered even before the peak of the old ones to ensure consistent delivery of needed member benefits. Allow and encourage new ideas and “out of the box” thinking!

Step #2: Examine your financial records
If you don’t work directly with your organization’s financial records already, now is the time to check them out. Your bookkeeping and accounting books are the heart of your transactions and financial records. They can help you forecast your financial future and make smart decisions about your finances. But, none of that is possible if your books aren’t accurate and current. If you’re not already, consider using accounting software to track transactions and make spring cleaning your books a breeze.

Step #3: Engage New Marketing Trends
Marketing tactics are constantly developing, changing, and evolving. Today's social media is completely different than it was three years ago. Take the time to evaluate which platforms your audience is most active with, and which ones make the most sense for your organization. While on the thought of digital marketing, make sure your website has up-to-date content, event dates, and imagery.

Spend some time researching current marketing trends, especially those used in your industry. Sign up for an email newsletter, follow other organizations on social media, and attend a local conference or tradeshow. The more you are around innovative ideas, the more inspired you will be to create new marketing ideas for your organization. For some additional insight, check out the latest Digital Marketing Toolkit from the AH Marketing Team.

Bonus tip! For an easy task to get you started on your spring cleaning, clean out your email inbox. 
While you’re busy running your organization and bettering your community, it’s easy to become disorganized. Emails stack up, and before you know it, your inbox is overflowing. Take some time to organize emails into action folders, archive old messages and delete needless messages.

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