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01 June 2021
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Associations persevered in 2020 through the many challenges brought about by the global pandemic. From implementing new technology to engage with members to developing new products to drive non-dues revenue, associations showed they could be nimble. And while the world thought virtual events were a thing of 2020, association leaders and meeting and event planners discovered that virtual events have extraordinarily valuable elements that have staying power through 2021 and beyond.

In 2021, association events are under even more pressure to deliver high-quality programming with a unique experience, while sponsors and exhibitors are looking for more data and insights than ever before. No matter the format, expectations abound, and associations are primed to deliver.

The newest edition of AH’s planning guide exclusively for association leaders and event planners, Virtual Events 2.0, is a fresh take on the lessons learned in 2020 with new perspectives that only come with time and experience. Sections dedicated to the event experience, leveraging and maximizing data, and leading with a strategy build the framework of the guide, with each section—from marketing to event format, sponsorship, post-event strategy, and more—presenting information and lessons learned through this trifecta of event planning priorities.

Virtual Events 2.0 is the ultimate planning guide for association events not just in 2021, but for virtual and hybrid events now and in the future.

Download Virtual Events 2.0 and start planning your journey.

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