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ATC Exhibitor Prospectus

ATC Exhibitor Prospectus
ATC Exhibitor Prospectus
ATC Exhibitor Prospectus

WINNER: 2019 Association Trends Trendy Award
The ATC 2020 annual meeting uses custom, abstract artwork inspired by the front facade of the event venue: the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia, PA. Featuring architectural elements of the venue throughout the meeting’s promotional materials aims to create feelings of familiarity amongst the attendees once they arrive on-site in May 2020. This high-contrast, colorful, dynamic design mirrors the ever-advancing field of transplantation by visually representing the field’s movement and motion. The tabs on the right hand side of the above mockup illustrate how this piece would look on the web: interactive tabs with rollovers, links, and buttons, that bookmark to sections throughout the piece.