Jodi Araujo

Jodi Araujo, CEM
Jodi Araujo, CEM
Vice President of Organizational Development

Jodi is VP of Organizational Development and also serves as the Chief Executive Officer for NADCA, the HVAC Inspection, Maintenance and Restoration Association. As the VP of Organizational Development, her responsibilities include establishing and implementing systems, structures and development programs that support the human capital of the organization as a critical lever in accomplishing AH's business goals. She leads the Segment Leaders in continuous improvement for delivery of exceptional client services and works with Mike Dwyer to oversee the internal components of the client life-cycle.

As Chief Executive Officer for AH client partner NADCA, Araujo is responsible for the strategic and financial oversight of the association and the staff. She works closely with the Board of Directors to translate the strategic vision for the association into action. She also manages their marketing and public relations initiatives and publishes an industry magazine. Araujo ensures that NADCA remains at the cutting edge and fully immersed in all things affecting their industry. She is responsible for industry alliances, partnerships and relationships with other organizations, agencies, groups, corporations and individuals.

Jodi Araujo has 25 years of association management experience, from both the stand-alone and the small AMC model, bringing a broad spectrum of experience from which to draw. She holds the Certified Exhibition Manager designation and shares a passion for competitive sports. Araujo attended Columbia University, where she played basketball for the Lions while honing her skills and love of the written word.