03 August 2021

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At the start of the year, AH released a series of predictions of what lies ahead for associations and non-profits in 2021. We're revisiting those predictions each month to see what's changed as associations and non-profits continue to adapt.

The days of lump sum membership dues payments are going the way of dial-up internet—they're being rapidly replaced by more innovative methods that prioritize convenience and ease of payment. The outdated system, in which members made a single large payment once per year for the full year's access to membership benefits, has been in need of a drastic refresh to continue to engage younger demographics.

And, according to Michele Buggy, CAE, IOM, an association executive at AH, a subscription-based membership could be the answer. 

Subscriptions have slowly become a mainstay for most households. Ranging from meal kits to film and TV catalogs, to personal hygiene, if a consumer desires a service, there likely is a subscription for it.

So, what can the association industry take away from these titans of subscription services like Netflix or Hello Fresh? 

As associations look for ways to draw younger audiences, the future driving forces of their organizations, subscription-based services can be key. Subscriptions rely on monthly payments, decreasing the burden on members and eliminating the lump sum. This fresh approach can also offer other benefits for all members like limited-time offers, monthly webinars, publications, and more.

To find out more about the subscription-based membership model and how they it can change the future of association dues, check out our exclusive feature in Association Forum:

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