September 15, 2021

For the environmentally conscious, clean, renewable energy is vital to reducing climate change. While many consumers are familiar with solar and wind power, another type of clean energy has been around for decades: geothermal energy. Using the ultra-hot thermal energy in the Earth’s core, geothermal steam powers turbines that generate energy, or, by mixing hot geothermal waters with cooler water, heats and cools residential and commercial buildings year-round.

AH Client Partner, Geothermal Rising, advocates for this powerful energy source beneath our feet, and recently rebranded the organization to help ensure that both consumers and industry see the value of geothermal energy now and for generations to come.

Before GR

After the first geothermal resource, Geysers Geothermal Field, was established in the early 1960s outside of San Francisco, it was apparent to engineers and scientists working in the field that geothermal had more opportunities for growth in the Western United States.

“An organization needed to be created to assist in educating people interested in knowing more about geothermal, and was probably the driver of the formation of the Geothermal Resources Council,” Andrew E. Sabin, Ph.D., Past-President of Geothermal Rising said.

The Council became the association that generated an environment where anyone in the geothermal energy field could share their research, innovations, and connect to understand where they can push geothermal energy forward in the future.

The Geothermal Resources Council board realized that they needed to become more familiar to people outside the geothermal industry if they wanted to spread the message of clean energy through geothermal.

“We needed to perform a rebranding of our association so that we could get that more approachable branding around geothermal for the general public,” said William Pettitt, PhD, Geothermal Rising Executive Director. “In order to really promote geothermal energy to the public, we needed to get the information out about geothermal energy.”

The Dawn of Geothermal Rising

From Geothermal Resources Council emerged Geothermal Rising, a complete rebranding of the association. Geothermal Rising’s mission is to connect the geothermal industry and champion geothermal energy in the United States and around the world.

Geothermal Rising will continue its efforts to educate the general public on clean energy versus fossil fuels, which helps consumers make more educated and environmentally friendly purchasing decisions.

The Future is Now

According to Sabin, an organization like Geothermal Rising, with its focus on education, is critical.

“It's one of many tools that are that are necessary for us to improve the world,” Sabin said. “I remain optimistic that Geothermal Rising is heading in the right direction.”

Pettitt is passionate about geothermal energy because he believes it’s the solution to climate change.

“What we've got to realize in society in general, is we have to change,” Pettitt said. “And to do that we need renewable and clean energy sources. We need solar, we need wind, and we need geothermal energy.”

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