24 July 2019
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Sponsorship support is often the result of the relationships that are forged among leaders and participants within a specific industry or community. 

In an effort to capitalize on those relationships and help AH’s client partner The Osteoarthritis Research Society International (OARSI) leadership and volunteers effectively promote the organization within the Rheumatology community, the Industry Relations team (IR) at AH collaborated with committee members to create a double-sided postcard to highlight key 'talking points' on Opportunities for Support and Membership Benefits.

The Needs:

  • Help OARSI leadership and committee members bring attention to OARSI.
  • Increase sponsor support for OARSI by capitalizing on the relationships that OARSI leadership and volunteers have with persons from Industry.
  • Help OARSI leaders effectively communicate the benefits of membership to OARSI within the rheumatology and osteoarthritis community.

The Solution:

  • Give OARSI leaders a marketing tool that would help them promote OARSI while they’re attending other rheumatology or osteoarthritis related conferences.
  • Create a promotional piece that addresses the Benefits and Opportunities for Industry Involvement and lists ways they can support OARSI and engage with members and attendees at the World Congress.
  • Create a promotional piece on Membership Benefits that OARSI leaders can share with health care providers and persons from academia who are involved in OA research, prevention, and treatment.

The Result:

The OARSI IR Manager collaborated with several OARSI committee members to craft a message that conveyed key talking points on three areas: Who We Are, Opportunities for Support, and Membership Benefits. This included writing the content, choosing appropriate graphics and determining the basic layout that would work best for our message.

A 6” x 9” double sided postcard was designed by the AH design team which clearly highlighted each of the three key message points. 500 postcards were printed and distributed (in small bundles) to OARSI leadership and committee members to have on hand.

The intent is that the cards are distributed at rheumatology and OA related meetings around the globe and shared with potential OARSI members and industry supporters. This piece will also be included in new Board Member orientation packets.

OARSI leaders now have information on membership and industry involvement at their fingertips. They can more effectively communicate OARSI’s mission, vision, and strategic goals with potential members and industry supporters

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