09 May 2023

Association Headquarters (AH), a leader in the association and non-profit management industry, is delighted to announce a new client partnership with Special Libraries Association (SLA).

The Special Libraries Association is an international professional association for library and information professionals working in business, government, law, finance, non-profit, and academic organizations and institutions. SLA supports and strengthens leaders in the information and knowledge industry through learning opportunities, networking, and community building initiatives.

“We believe in the important work SLA is doing and we are confident that our team of subject matter experts can help rebrand and reimagine the SLA organization,” said Mike Dwyer, AH Chief Executive Relationship Officer. “As a full-service client, they will have access to our entire suite of services including: Executive Management, Membership and Community (SIG) Support, Financial Management, Events & Meeting Management, Marketing & Communications, Industry Relations, and Technology Solutions.”

SLA joins a diverse group of Client Partners managed by AH. “We are grateful that SLA entrusts us with the future of their organization,” said Bob Waller Jr., AH President and CEO. “For over 40 years, AH has helped hundreds of associations and professional societies exceed their goals for growth and influence, and we know SLA will enjoy the same success under our management.”

AH has committed to focusing on SLA’s specific initiatives and assisting in the achievement of their goals through programs that benefit their board, stakeholders, and current and potential members. AH’s comprehensive service offerings and diverse team of professionals will provide solutions and opportunities that would not be possible without the community found at an association management company. AH welcomes the opportunity to create a powerful and long-lasting partnership to support Special Libraries Association.

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