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08 April 2021
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Today, organizations around the world recognize the diligence, creativity, and expertise of the many and varied professionals working in the global meetings industry, all in celebration of Global Meetings Industry Day. This year’s celebration is particularly noteworthy after the events of 2020 and the incredible resilience of the meetings industry. AH is proud to be a part of a worldwide industry that does so much to drive the global economy, and—closer to home—the financial engines of our association partners.

“AH’s team of nearly 30 meeting professionals primarily produces conferences, and each association partner brings their unique culture and content to the table,” said Beth Mauro, AH’s Senior Director of Client Services. “But all these meetings have common components from housing, food and beverages, exhibits, and education. Yet, in every case, the puzzle pieces, and the desired results are slightly different. Every day, AH planners synthesize creativity and passion with best operational practices to create memorable experiences.”

Hats Off to Meetings Pros

In 2019, AH’s team of nearly 30 meetings and events professionals planned and executed zero fully virtual meetings.

In 2020, that number grew to 38 without warning, and AH’s professionals responded rapidly, helping AH Client Partners experience never-before-seen levels of success with virtual events

In 2021, AH’s meetings team is planning more than 40 meetings, with 11 of them of them expected to be held safely in person. Not only are meetings professionals navigating a unique planning environment, they’re also working amid vital topics affecting their industry and beyond: diversity, equity and inclusion; recovery in the wake of the pandemic; and planning for the safe return to in-person events.

“The 2021 celebration of Global Meetings Industry Day has a deeper meaning as all facets of this amazing industry come together to highlight how we can put safety protocols in place to create dynamic live events,” Mauro said. “While we’re learning and growing in our virtual meeting prowess, I don’t know a single meetings professional who can’t wait to be out there implementing live, in-person meetings again. We thrive on the energy!”

AH celebrates the thousands of professionals who contribute to the success of our Client Partners’ meetings, support communities across the world, and continue to innovate

Join in on the celebration by using the hashtags #GlobalMeetingsDay, #AssociationHeadquarters, and #MeetingsMeanBusiness.


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