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13 July 2021
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As associations and non-profits ramp up with initiatives and events that rival, and in some cases surpass, pre-pandemic levels of activity, being able to track and manage multiple projects and deadlines at once becomes vital. Working with the marketing and communications team at AH, associations and non-profits can now rest assured that they’re working with a team that has demonstrated excellence in best-in-class project management tool, Smartsheet.

"We introduced Smartsheet as an answer to that perennial challenge of tracking complex projects with large volumes of deliverables,” said Pamela Cummings, AH’s Director of MarCom Services and champion of the company’s Smartsheet certification initiative. “Smartsheet allowed us to not only better track all components of our project scopes with clients but allowed us to really exemplify AH's core value of transparency as we invited clients to participate in the process and on the sheets. Smartsheet has become a vital part of the day-to-day workflow in the department, and that set us on the path to certification."

The road to certification includes a 50-question multiple-choice exam and a sheet manipulation exercise based on various features and functions in Smartsheets. AH’s MarCom Services team embarked on the journey together with the end goal of being able to provide the absolute best project management services to AH’s Client Partners.

"AH's MarCom Services team lives in the details of project management, watching deadlines and deliverables on a schedule. We set the goal of having the entire team earn their Smartsheet certification to demonstrate our commitment to project management best practices,” said Cummings. “The certification shows that the entire team is not only proficient in using a leading project management platform to the benefit of our clients, but has met a standard of proficiency as set by the developer."

MarCom Project Manager, Krista Cornew, the first on the team to earn her certification, says her in-depth training on the platform enabled her to set every project up for success. “Being certified assures our colleagues and clients that any project we touch is set up in the most efficient way to help maximize project management,” said Cornew.

AH congratulates the MarCom Services team on earning their Smartsheet project management certification!

  • Christina Bertino
  • Pete Caniglia
  • Pam Cummings
  • Krista Cornew
  • Jessica Farrell
  • Sam Kresz
  • Kira Jones
  • Kristy Mahon

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